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I was recently asked the question by a family member, “why do you put so much of our personal stuff on the internet for everyone to see? It’s embarrassing!”

I replied:

I don’t feel like what I put on the internet is embarrassing to anyone in our family including my son and I am not ashamed of what I write about. I feel like sharing the story of my life and the battles that my son deals with is a way of reaching out to others that may be dealing with the same battles. If only one person reads something that I’ve written and finds some kind of help or comfort in my writing, then what I have done has purpose. I don’t write or share this information to belittle my son, to ask for sympathy or any reason or than to reach out to those others that I know are battling the same or similar demons that we are dealing with.

And as for my family, if you are embarrassed or ashamed by what I write, I ask you this……..if my son had terminal cancer and I wanted to write about his journey, would you be embarrassed or ashamed of what I wrote? Would you be upset with me for sharing that story? I dare say you would not. And if that is the case, then why be embarrassed or ashamed by what I write about now? Addiction is a DISEASE that affects more people in this world that you realize. It affects your neighbors, it affects the family sitting next to you at the restaurant, it affects the family sitting next to you at church, it affects your co-workers, your friends, your extended family. And you know what…..you don’t even know it. That is the sad part. Everyone feels the need to hide it.

Maybe if everyone would quit hiding their addiction problems, people would be more open to seeking help for their issues. And it doesn’t have to be drug addiction. It could be co-dependency. It could be pornography. It could be alcohol. It could be lying. It could be drugs. It could be any number of things that people get addicted to and allow to destroy their lives and their families.

My point here is this…….stop hiding. Stop being embarrassed by the issues and face them head on. Man up or woman up and face what is going on in your life and ask someone for help if you need it. Don’t be afraid to talk to someone and don’t be afraid to tell someone what is going on. You can’t always handle every battle on your own. Sometimes you need a friend to walk you down the isle to grab that first blue chip, or sometimes you just need someone to explain what walking down that isle to get the blue chip is all about. Either way………there is help out there. There is free help out there. There are people praying for people they don’t even know every day. God is standing by waiting to help you. If you don’t know how to get to Him for the help you need, there are a gazillion people that can help you get there. Just ask. Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed. God is not embarrassed or ashamed of you. We are all children of God!

My name is Julie. I’m 46 years old. I am the mother of a 24 year old recovering meth addict who is on day 2 of his sobriety (round # I lost count) but I’m not giving up!