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Today I get a message from my son and the conversation goes as follows. Sorry for the misspelling but I’m doing a copy paste here:

Son: Mom anything girlfriend has ever done or said or told to come out to your house was all because of me. She did it because I did it first or because I told her to do it. Girlfriend is not the one at fault here, I am. Me an me only. She only stood by My side and went along with me/it because that’s what’s someone who is in love does.. They stand beside there partner no matter what happens no matter the circumstances. Every time we/I messed up all she could say or think about is how she was going to come back an look u and Husband in the eye after she did what she told and/or promised you she wouldn’t do. She’s the one who when I can’t talk to anyone else cause I feel like no one will understand, sits there and listens to me and reminded me how far we have come and how much we have together. She is the entire reason I am what I am right now. I’m not the same person that I have always been… It might sound like the same old shit, but mom I promis you that I truly want this and I truly want and am going to stop doing dope… It’s just not right to throw her to the curb because of what I did. I know that I fucked up, and I know that it kills you more and more every time I do, but mom I’ve never ment it when I have said I’m sorry, or that I’m not going to do it again, or that I want to change… I am more serious right now than I have ever been in my life… I’m going to stop doing dope. I’m going to get my shit together. And I am sorry for all the bull shit and pain that I’ve caused you and everyone else in my life. Mom just please let her come back home with us… I want her and this relationship for the rest of my life. And if you forse her out now, as much as I don’t want to, I’m going right with her no matter the consequences… I do not want it to be that way and I really really really hope it dosnt turn out that way, but I’m dead ass serious.. I’ll go right behind her…. Mom just please give me the one chance that I’ve needed all my life, not another chance, that chance that is going to make a difference……

Mom: What about her kids son?

Son: We can have them come over on the weekends, every weekend. That way we won’t b able to go out an get into any trouble. And it will get us ready for when we do get our own place and have them there all the time.

Mom: Are you willing to go by all the rules that i put in my letter to you? And can you both pass a drug test right now?

Son: No we can’t pass one right now
, I td u that the other day. And we’re willing to follow rules rules that are reasonable. The taking our phones and wifi access is unreasonable… And plus u can get into both of our fb’s anyway… I think we deserve a little more trust than that. But yes I’m willing to go by the rules that u have set and do what has to b done.

Mom: How long has it been since you’ve use and what have you done?
Both of you? And no I don’t have access to either of y’all’s fb accounts. Honest. But fb keeps you connected to those who are pulling you back into the wrong crowd. That is why I say you need to give up your internet access.

Son: Girlfriend just said that she thinks that you should take the phone cause she said that way we arnt tempted to try and do something or get something brought to us, so… And as for the drugs we’ve smoked some weed here and there, but yesterday I had someone come and do some shit with me cause I was all fucked up and pissed off about all this shit going on right now. I just figured fuck it! Cause we didn’t know where we were going to live how we were going to get money, I thought we’d probley have to sell dope or something…. IDK point is I fucked up and that’s why we don’t need to be out here or able to have contact with anyone out here.

Mom: Are you willing to go by all of my rules then? Both of you?

Son: Is Girlfriend wanted at ur house or welcome, other than by me???

Mom: Yes if you are both willing to go by the rules I set forth.

Son: Then we will do it. Nana will bring us there tomorrow evening.

Mom: Then you need to make sure you get all the sleep you can between now and Monday so the drugs are out of your system. Also we are going to do one other thing. I’m going to call the house and you are going to be honest with nana about your use and activities while at her house. You are going to come clean to her. And be honest with her that I haven’t been telling lies on you to her just to make you look bad ok? Your gonna so this with me and her both on the phone.

We had a phone call with my mom where he came clean with her about his use and activities. Son and girlfriend are going to church with Nana in the morning and rehab at moms starts tomorrow evening.

My name is Julie. I’m 46 years old. I’m the mother of a meth addict that I love with all of my heart and I’ll never give up on him no matter what. I love him with all my heart plus 1 more! ❤️