Well, I’ve been told by many people and have read many times to count sobriety 1 day at a time. Baby steps, they say. Being that my son is the addict who does think he’s an addict, I’m the one counting the days for him. So this morning ended the first 24 hours of sobriety for him. He says he can quit any time he wants to, but that he enjoys the feeling he gets when he does meth. From what I’ve read and been told, it can be quite euphoric so I can see how an addict would have a hard time saying that it’s a problem. It puts the brain in such a state that it sees only the “fun and happy feeling” and doesn’t live in reality. It will take time for his brain to heal and for him to return to the rational thinker that I know he is.

He told me that he took the job and new living situation because he believed that’s what he “needed to do. It’s the right thing” he said. So in the first 24 hours on his journey, he went to work. The first two hours on the job and he was having DT’s. He was having trouble breathing, he couldn’t stand up, he was feeling sick. His boss told him to go sit in the truck with the AC on for a while. Lunch time came around and they got a good lunch. After lunch, he was feeling fine and worked the rest of the day. When the work day was over, they went home, had dinner and he was ready to relax. He had an uneventful evening which I think is good.

Day 2 is underway….almost 1/2 way through it! He is going fishing with my husband tonight. He’s loved fishing since he was little. Can’t give him any “free time” to spend with friends right now until he lets go of the grip and desire for more meth. So in the meantime, we will try to keep him occupied otherwise when he isn’t working.

Son, I believe in you. You are strong, both physically and mentally, and I know you will overcome this. You may think you have been “sentenced” to a horrible wrath right now, but I know you will come out shining in the end. Day 1 is done, day 2 is well on it’s way to being conquered!! You’ve got this!!! Love you!!