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Today it hit me that I’ve taken on a new role in my life since my dad passed away in September. Every single day since my dad passed, I call my mother on my way home from work. So no matter where she is, I take the time while I’m driving home to spend time talking with my mom to see how her day was and just let her know I love her and I’m thinking about her. Well today when I got off work, I called her house. She didn’t answer so I called her cell. Again she didn’t answer. I made two more attempts to reach her by phone…once at the house and once on the cell. By this time, I had been off work for almost 25 minutes and we would have normally been very deep in our daily conversation about everything and nothing. So what does the 45 year old daughter of a 70 year old woman do next? First, I considered calling my moms next door neighbor to see if her car was home. Then I thought….I’m over-reacting so I didn’t make that call. So what I did do seemed just about as silly. And keep in mind I’m in Georgia because that is relative to my actions. I texted my older brother…who I didn’t realize was in Las Vegas at the time, asking if he knew where my mom was. Next, because I didn’t get an immediate answer from him, I called my younger sister in California to see if she knew where mom was. Of course, just like me, my sister panicked a little and we hung up and she tried to call mom. Well, turns out that just as my sister called moms cell, mom was walking out of WALMART. She didn’t hear her phone ringing while she was in Walmart which was why she didn’t answer me. Long story short….I’ve taken it upon myself to know where my mom is, what she is doing and who she is with pretty much every day of the week. I’ve gone from her worrying and checking up on me to me doing just the opposite and worrying about her. So what did I learn today, you ask? Well you may not have asked, but I’m gonna tell you…..if you try to reach your recently widowed mom by phone and you can’t get in touch with her….just wait 30 minutes for her to get done shopping at Walmart and she’ll call you in between stores!!!!!!!! She so sweetly told me “I’m sorry I worried you! I was just at Walmart!” I love you Mom!!!